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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

CSA Box Updates

Hello all! Amos and I have started to document all our spending in MiniMoney to see exactly how much we spend per month... and we spent a whopping $511.69 on groceries last month. And that doesn't even include eating out. (That would be another $201.80.) Is this normal? It seems awfully high to me.

So lets catch up on the CSA box:

CSA Box for March 26th:

Spinach WI
Russet Potatoes WI
Zucchini FL
Suntan Peppers FL
Lettuce IL
Micro Greens IL
Carrots CA
Yellow Onions CA
Beets CA

So under half of the produce we received this week is local. But what can you do? It is just the beginning of spring here. I am thinking about planting some spinach and greens in containers on my back porch. We started receiving the box for convenience but what could be more convenient than just stepping out on the back porch and grabbing a bunch of spinach we grew ourselves?

Anyone want to offer up a rooftop spot in their building for us to start a container garden?

A non-food related item (or maybe it is food related?): Amos and I went for the first time on Sunday to play bike polo! It was really interesting as I have never actually ridden a bike into a chain link fence before... good times. The website shows it being played on grass but we were playing on a tennis court in Humbolt Park. Oh what Sunday fun there is to be had.


squashimi said...

Food price: There was a shocking statistic about percentage increase of food price in the Harper's Index in one of the recent issues.. Vanessa took them all to work, so I can't look up the exact number. But it was definitely alarming. We spend hundreds of dollars on food each month, too. It really costs a lot to eat responsibly.

Bike polo: FUN! I never got up the nerve to go. I thought for sure that I'd do something stupid on my bike to earn the ridicule of my peers and a trip to the hospital (that I really couldn't afford!) Did you see a muscular guy named Ben there? That would be Britt's boyfriend.. He's lobbying to spread bike polo across our fine nation.

squashimi said...

I found it:
"Percentage change since 2005 in the worldwide price of food, as tracked by The Economist: +77

Factor by which the price of wheat has increased in the past year alone: 2

Ratio in 1980 of U.S. spending in grocery stores to that in restaurants: 2:1

Ratio today: 1:1"

So, it looks like you're actually doing pretty well on the grocery to restaurant ratio!

I -heart- Harper's.

whatweatelastnight said...

Thank you so much for the research!

How is it that Britt and I keep missing each other? I picked up a book at pankakes two weeks ago destined for her hands - it was about recycling greywater in Central America or something - but she couldn't make it that week.

I have actually been asked to be a representative of an international bike polo team representing pankakes but unfortunately nothing about my position will be international. And I don't think winning is our goal... maybe it has more to do with whiskey.

And let's watch my restaurant to grocery to reasonability ratio go down the drain when I come visit!