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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Found: Drunken Noodle Recipe

I have been on the search for a drunken noodle recipe that is comprehensive. So far the recipe I use is a slip of paper with about three different measurements for each ingredient because every recipe I have found so far varies wildly. It might also be I was looking under the English translation and not the Thai name Pad Kee Mao.

What is fantastic about drunken noodle is the fresh basil - we use purple basil from the garden. Then add tomato which makes is fantastic plus hotness on top of that... whew! And those fat rice noodles are so very good.

While I have no recipe of my own to share with you now I just found this blog about Thai cooking with a comprehensive drunken noodle recipe. I will have to see about fish sauce substitutions however. The site seems really well put together with lots of recipes and lots of information on technique and ingredients. If you love Thai food this site is definitely worth a look!

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cee said...

This is Cee from Real Thai Recipes. I saw your post in my logs, so I thought I'd say hello. I'm vegetarian myself (altho not vegan, I eat dairy & eggs). I use 'white/light soy sauce' instead of fish sauce for most recipes. I like 'Healthy Boy brand' best. Some other recipes where soy sauce adds too much flavor I use sea salt instead.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about meat-less alternatives to Thai recipes. I'd be happy to help.