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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Where we ate last night

I have this little business going where I bought a bunch of bikes from a second hand store back home - classic Schwinn's - and have been selling them on Craigslist. So I was feeling pretty flush and everyone wanted to go out for dinner plus it was Friday (!) so we went to Lula Cafe. Since it is only two blocks away from home I usually just stop in (or make my sister stop in) to get coffee to go. Their entrees aren't too pricey ($17 is about as high as it goes for a vegan entree) and they have a really fun atmosphere. The food is interesting but sometimes really bland. I don't usually even like the food that much but this time was pretty decent so read on.

First there was a little amuse of cauliflower and wild ramps. Amos and I split the crispy chickpea panelle with wild mushrooms, fava beans, minted red onion and frisee. We also split the beets marinated in olive oil (that I have eaten for breakfast before) and a bowl of veggie soup. It came with bread we gobbled up and lemon thyme butter I sadly pushed off to the side. The best thing I had was the blood orange cosmopolitan. The rim of the glass was lined with lemon juice and just a touch of powdered sugar, none of that Chili's pink rock sugar nonsense. And the blood orange gave it a subtle little bite. I had two.

That said I think it is time to make cookies! It has been rainy and gross all day long ....

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