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Saturday, April 19, 2008

CSA Box for the Week of April 16th

Finally things are starting to grow out of the ground and the trees are starting to get a green fuzz going. We visited Katie's campus and there were daffodils everywhere. Unfortunately it isn't quite time for edible items to start growing up here yet and most of our food in this weeks box still came from California. I don't know why there was no asparagus...

CSA Box for the Week of April 16th

Leeks CA
Carrots CA
Garlic WI
Shitaake Mushrooms IN
Pink Lady Apples WA
Onions CA
Fennel CA
Kale CA

I used the kale last night to make a pesto. If you haven't had kale pesto you are definitely missing out on something good.

Today on the suggestion of my dad and step-mom Ce-Ce we all went to this little eco fair at a local high school called Green Scene and totally pigged out on some nachos from Soul Vegetarian East. Plus greens, macaroni and cheese, and bbq seitan. OMG. And I scored like 10 compact fluorescent bulbs for free.

Right now I have to run because tonight we are playing a city-wide game of tag called Journey to the End of the Night. It should be some great fun.

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