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Thursday, April 3, 2008


My box was faithfully sitting on my sister's stoop yesterday full of veggies even though I canceled it.

CSA box for April 2nd:

Ambrosia Apples BC, Canada
Chevril WI
Garlic WI
Celery CA
Lettuce IL
Tomato and Scallop Soup WI
Zucchini FL
Spinach IL

So I am excited to try out my new herbes de provence with the zucchini. And the chevril would go nicely in a Tofu salad sandwich. (I also just learned chevril is a member of the parsley family with a delicate flavor.) And I was out of garlic. But I still have lettuce from last week! And I don't really use celery for anything... maybe they can come to pankakes this week and serve as bloody mary swizzle sticks....

I have a weird paradox to share as well: I needed to buy bagels yesterday. I forgot. Then I just happened to be with a friend later that evening at that same bakery and the bagels I most likely would have bought were in the bag with all the other not-bought bread in the trash. There were only six bagels in the bread reject bag so chances are I might have bought all six bagels thus preventing them from entering the waste stream. Maybe I should remember the words of my yoga teacher that night "Don't worry. Something something divine order everything is as it is as it was and as it will be." Or maybe I just saved ten bucks. Who knows!

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