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Friday, April 4, 2008

Hot Dog Story

I have a quick story about what happened at Sunshine Market - our little neighborhood grocery - two days ago.

I was standing in line and the two people in front of me (small container soy milk and a gallon 2%) asked the cashier "what happened here the other day?!" And the cashier said that a man had walked into the store and tried to steal a pack of hot dogs. A manager saw this and apprehended the man who pulled a knife on the manager. I think all this went down on the sidewalk outside because a cop was driving by and saw the thief with the knife and ran up with his gun drawn and said "Drop the knife and the hot dogs!" So the one person in line in front of me had happened to be walking down the street and saw the guy laying on the sidewalk with the hot dogs laying there too! The cashier said it was sad the man put himself in jail over some hot dogs. I was like yeah - that sucks.

Also I have been in this really happy mood ever since yoga on Wednesday night and the teacher said that whole "don't worry something something divine order etc etc." Even though I was sick yesterday I was still happy. And I am even happier today because I bought two plane tickets for Amos and I to go visit Sasha and Vanessa in three weekends! And I volunteered to help out at ESL in Logan Square on Tuesday and my student was really into biking and global warming even though I had a really hard time understanding what he was talking about sometimes. He did Earth Hour and thought it was funny that everyone at Pankakes said WTF! the Earth only gets an hour! We also had to read this book about a boy going on the Oregon trail which I thought was sort of ironic and odd.

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