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Monday, June 4, 2007

Vegan Cookie Update

I really have to wonder if anyone ever reads this because I try to put out good information on representing the vegan baked goods and what happens? My own sister bakes vegan cookies that she compared to bread. I think my mom must be getting used to this now because all she said was the cookies were "different." Oh the trials and tribulations of baking vegan. She did say they tasted fine and she did do the really uber-lowfat variation with no butter or oil. I guess the pictures are working though because she said she doesn't actually read the blog. I love my little sister- she is really the best!

I also had a redeeming third-party vegan cookie experience last Friday. A girl from our yoga class brought in vegan chocolate chip coconut cookies that were awesome. However she brought them in because she is moving to Belgium. Guess I won't be getting that recipe anytime soon.

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