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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gateaux des Crepes.

Over the past week I have seen at least three blogs posting their very own home-made crepe cakes. I believe that bloggers must just egg each other on because now I want to make a crepe cake. Smitten Kitchen listed reasons to make a crepe cake above all other cakes. (Like I needed to be encouraged further...) The reason that touched me personally is crepe cakes are a low-heat affair. No oven, only stove top. Refrigeration even. I love to bake but not when it is 95 degrees in the shade.

Two posts of the three posts use the same recipe from the New York Times. The crepe recipe looks easy enough to veganize - we had crepes with creamed spinach two nights ago - but am not sure what to use instead of the custardy/creamy filling that holds it all together. I think it would be gross to use regular 'ole frosting.

If you are intrigued check out Smitten Kitchen's post here and Cream Puff in Venice's post here. Cream Puff in Venice has a fun little crepe cake story about the recipe developed by a Mme M. The name makes me think of a madam of a turn of the century Parisian brothel which of course always brings to mind crepe cakes. Right?!

Also in crepe news: Quebec is apparently rife with fantastic creperies. (Vegan creperies? Mais non. Tres triste.) Also I am thinking about launching a petition asking Nutella to go vegan. LOVE LOVE.

(Francophiles did you get my French joke in the subject? Gateau plural ha ha ha.)

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