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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dream Fridge

When we move to Chicago I would really love to move into a space that is a blank canvas. No counters, no sink, no appliances and no layout. Our kitchen now is spacious but whomever designed it could have made a lot better use of the space. We have also only needed to replace the fridge and the dishwasher and unfortunately had to stick with Sears run-of-the-mill standards.

If I had to replace the fridge over again I would definitely spring for a Sunfrost. Sunfrost fridges are great because their compressors are at the top of the fridge and the cool air falls instead of having to be pumped up through the fridge. They are also crazily insulated and energy efficient so work really well with homes that are run with solar or other alternative energy sources. My favorite thing about them is they come in smaller sizes and any finish (over 100 standard finishes) you could want. Plus they don't break the bank at around 2,000$.

My personal favorite is the RF 16 or the RF 12. Super cute! Or I would get a R10 and F10 and hide them under my counters. The picture above is of a RF12 and was a feature in The Nest magazine. (Definitely not a subscription. This month was all about what sort of animals were best to BBQ.)

Now if Amos and I could only agree on which is better: under-counter or wall-mounted ovens.

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