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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

End of the Workday Post

I just listened to the December 5th, 2006 episode of Animal Voices, a radio show out of Toronto, which profiled a few different vegan blogs. My favorite by far is a girl out of Seattle's blog, A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise. Just the name sounds good but the sheer number of ice cream recipes this girl has under her belt is very impressive indeed. Plus cookie and brownie recipes. (Hopefully a better cookie recipe than mine because apparently mine tastes like bread.) Maybe I can email her and ask for a green tea flavor? I love vegans - they are sooo do-it-yourself.

This other blog I am hesitant to post but it seems she has a lot of information on Toronto. And vegan info on a Canadian city is important to me why? Well have I told you all about my planned road trip? Well first things first I have a sad/happy announcement: we are planning on selling our beautiful home here in New Orleans and moving back to my old home in frigid Chicago. The varieties of feelings I have towards this move is substantial enough to be the subject of a whole other blog so we aren't even going there.

So in the meantime after we sell the house and have no ties to worldly possessions I thought we could start in Virginia and drive or train along the East Coast to Maine, hitting up NYC(!), Philly, Boston, Annapolis, Providence.... etc etc and not in that order. Then from Maine go west to Quebec(!) and then south to Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Ann Arbor then home to Chicago.

So back to the other blog. It is called Megan the Vegan and is sort of like our blog - her chronicling her vegan cooking posting pictures and recipes. It's really not that super fantastic but she seems like she's having fun. Another source for what's what in Toronto if you are vegan (probably a better source) is the Toronto Vegan Project. I have barely scratched the surface on this one and think you don't need to be going to Toronto anytime soon to enjoy this blog. That's all for now I want to go home!

Wait- If you have any knowledge of fantastic vegan places along my proposed route please comment - I will add them to my list of places to see.

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