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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

While you were out...

Someone scrawled "Augtober Lives" on the sidewalk because where the hell did August go? Summer is making up for the horrible winter we had by never venturing above 78 degrees for more than an hour at a time or maybe winter never died....

I have a few things to catch up on:

First I really have to rave about the sweetest vegan ever I met about a month or so ago at the farmer's market. She was visiting from Atlanta and had most of the evening to herself so I invited her to Music in the Park and we had a great conversation about veganism and raw food. Her blog is named raw food passion and mainly documents what she whips up for eats and her reasons behind her diet. In Chicago she was volunteering at a raw restaurant and pretty much taking the vegan culinary tour of the city.

Also I finally have a real job again! With really great people and interesting projects! Four out of five members of my new firm (including me) worked for my previous boss and from what I understand a "detox" period is required after working there. It's funny because my name would not have been passed along had I not mentioned my previous crapaliscious job to a friend in New Orleans... They said they would provide references and boy did they ever - just not how they imagined. I am still going to be at the farmer's markets but am working the rest of the week in the office. And the rest of the time I make bike hats and bento sets. It all works out!

More pictures when I figure out how to bluetooth them from my phone to the computer.

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