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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Travel It!

I finally booked our flight to Thailand this weekend! We will be going for the entire month of December with a five day "layover" in Tokyo. I can't wait! My friend Nadia picked up a handful of brochures on the different areas of Thailand from the Thai embassy for me. There are SCADS of national parks with descriptions like "tropical rainforest draped over limestone outcrops" and "home to elephants, bears and even a few tigers" and "has the worlds largest flower, the Raffiesia Kerriii which can grow up to 70 centimeters wide." And all that is in one park.

I am equally excited about Tokyo - although it will be cold. Maybe I can get what I believe Sasha called and "epic haircut" that takes up to three hours to complete. I only wish we could stay longer - but with the blackout dates on my airline miles it was only one month or over two. So there you go.... five weeks is about my capacity for out of country travel. In Guatemala week five is when everyone started to hunker down in their rooms, watch only satelite MTV and order Little Ceasers for every meal. And we certainly dont want that to happen.

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