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Friday, March 21, 2008

Raw Brownies

I made the raw brownies from 28 Cooks on Monday and they were awesome! (I brought one to my dad yesterday when I met him for lunch and he loved them too! Katie loves them! Amos loves them!) I couldn't help but compare them to another recently discovered favorite food item - Lara Bars.

Diana turned us onto Lara Bars and at first I thought it was going to be like the first time Amos tried to get me to eat a Cliff Bar (which I now love - well the chocolate flavored ones anyway...). So at any rate it seems like raw food is coming full circle in my life. I definitely going to try and make another batch modeled after my favorite Lara Bar - Chocolate Mint. Which reminds me of the mint carob snowball I had last time I went to Karyn's.

All this to say - yo it is Purim and here is an interesting article on some Lara Bar taste alike goodness - not vegan.... still an interesting quick read.

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Fiber said...

Oh, I would love a chocolate mint variation. Keep us posted!