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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Morning, Noon and Night

Since unemployment has struck my days have been separated into quadrants of time that - let's face it here - seem very similar. Early morning extends from when I wake up with Amos until I realize everyone else in the world is probably at work now and I am still in my pajamas wondering what the meaning of life is. I resist the urge to call my other unemployed friends, people in college and people that live on the west coast as all these people are still sleeping. Then I start to feel the urge to be productive at which time I bake something, practice yoga, clean the apartment, start a project I probably won't finish and check Craigslist and the AIA website for new job postings. I get really excited about something that probably won't happen. Then maybe I take a shower. This takes care of later morning.

Now it is noontime. This is when I think "maybe I should go outside." So I walk to the grocery store to buy something I probably don't need and hustle home freezing because the average temperature of the last month has been about 29 degrees. Now I sit in the sun on the bed with the cats and warm up. Maybe I read my book, maybe I just sit there.

Now it is afternoon. If I haven't gone to the store I go buy a cup of coffee. I eat lunch and contemplate my single fork and plate sitting in the sink and decide I will just wash it tomorrow. I eat one too many of whatever it is I baked that day and check my email for the millionth time waiting to hear back from someone - anyone!

Now it is mid-afternoon at which point I start waiting for Amos to come home.

Now it is evening. Amos comes home and I don't understand why he doesn't want to go somewhere! Margaritas? Movie? Fabric Store? Well let's just play a game then! Please!!! What do you think you are doing sitting on the couch trying to read your book?! Can we go to Florida? Why is airfare so expensive?!

Now it is night. Time to make dinner. Time to clean the kitchen again. Time to go to bed.

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squashimi said...

Oh, it is SO true. I have a love/hate relationship with unemployment time. I've had plenty of experience with it.. 2007 saw 3 full months of work-free living, and I still didn't conquer that uneasy feeling that I was accomplishing nothing despite the complete lack of constraints. Which is why I now require structure at all junctures of my life.

And now, in a supreme twist of irony, my job is totally boring and mostly void of things to do. So I study French. A lot. (But somehow still can't speak it)