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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Too much going on.

In chronological order:

Our first batch of home-made seitan. Bicycle scavenger hunt. New friends. Pankakes potluck brunch. Halloween. New Job. Visit to Grandma. Lunch with my dad. New York City. One year wedding anniversary.

The seitan went well. We had some vital wheat gluten sitting around and used the recipe in Vegan with a Vengence. I used half of it to make a mushroom stroghanoff (good even though Amos bought sparkling Burgundy to put in the sauce - woops!) The other half I stuffed in green peppers from my aunt be-be's garden and everyone loved them.

If I didn't mention the bicycle scavenger hung or new friends or the pankakes potluck I will update later as I have pictures and such. However the potluck was definitely not vegan - we had forces trying to put bacon fat in our pancakes!

Lunch with Dad - the Federal Reserve Cafeteria is cheap but not a vegan paradise.

Lunch with Grandma - Red Lobster smells funny.

New job - apparently everyone has heard of my firm but me.


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