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Friday, November 30, 2007


Earwax Cafe has redeemed itself with hot coffee and seiten rubens.

I totally forgot it was critical mass tonight so we went (completely unprepared) and had to leave early because I couldn't feel my toes anymore and the numbness was spreading up to the balls of my feet into the arches... so we stopped half way home for some dinner and hence the redemption.

We also got our first ever CSA box full of root vegetables I managed to burn to a crisp. It was the worst leftover lunch ever. No other culinary tales.

Maybe we should make this microwave caramel corn?


squashimi said...

AHHHH! Winter Critical Mass! Thank goodness for warm places to stop in... I haven't even paid attention to CM here, but it seems like there wouldn't be very many routes (SF being so tiny and so hilly) and might become boring after a few months. But maybe not!

squashimi said...

Oh, and here are a couple of good recipes we just made with our winter veges:
Curried Wild Rice Soup (email me for a recipe!)
Hazelnut + Chard Ravioli salad

Both use squash or sweet potato in tiny cubes that have been steamed, then seared so they're like croutons. Strange idea, but really yummy. Sounds like you're good at searing already ; ]

Julie said...

You should DEFINITELY make this caramel popcorn! When I was young my family always made this recipe before long road trips. It's sweet and crunchy and addictive! From our experience, air-popped popcorn works best, it's easiest to spread the caramel popcorn onto waxed paper to cool, and you will certainly need oven mitts to handle the brown bag when shaking.

(BTW, I'm Julie, a friend of Kakie's. We've met once before--at Lafayette Square, this summer. Kak introduced me to your blog, I love to read especially helps me through dull days at work!)