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Friday, October 26, 2007

New Orleans Therapy

The best thing I can say about moving from New Orleans is at least I don't live in Houston. (I am loving Chicago so far, don't get me wrong.) I was browsing through the New Yorker's website and found a short essay about leaving New Orleans for Houston. And it wonderfully sums up why New Orleans is so great in the first place. So I am going to link it for you to read if interested here. Because most people (and probably most primates) are better at expressing their feelings through the written word than I. So read it.

But I do feel luckier than the author of that essay because instead of being thrown into the beigeness of Houston. At least Logan Square seems warm because of the huge population of Hispanic families tempered by tons of indie kids on bikes. But I very well could have moved to a terrible neighborhood populated by high paid corporate zombies. And we all know how I feel about zombies.

Last night we had a New Orleans rap party with the CD's Amos bought at an estate sale for 2$. We also had dinner. I had too much wine by the time we actually ate it though to fully appreciate the butternut squash over pasta that was the original inspiration for the word "crackaliscious." So again I will have to come up with a name for that, consult Diana for the original recipe and possibly post it for you all.

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