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Sunday, July 29, 2007

What we ate on Friday

Friday was a good food day. First we went to yoga then came home to H&H bagels and coffee. At 1:30 we met Joey at Commander's Palace for lunch. Then (three martinis and two glasses of champagne later) at six there was a yoga potluck for our guest instructor Hannae. *Phew*

Lets start with Commander's Palace. At 1:30 there was a wait to even get to the host desk. I had made a reservation and after we were seated I ogled the wallpaper and candelabras in the dining room for about half an hour while we waited for Joey to arrive. I started with a watermelon and pickled watermelon rind salad topped with shaved mirliton and Amos started with gazpacho. His gazpacho started as a little mound chopped avocado and veggies in a bowl over which chilled tomato broth was poured table-side. I only had one little bite but it was fantastic - rich and peppery. Entree was a special order for both of us and unfortunately they served us the same thing - mixed sauteed summer vegetables served in a puff pastry boat. I can't say they were flexing their culinary muscles on this one (Joey had pork tenderloin with a chicory and coffee crust over mashed potatoes) but our dishes still really very tasty. Watermelon sorbet and coffee to finish. Anytime you go in New Orleans for a two hour meal and not want to explode afterwards is a rare experience indeed which is what partly made this lunch fantastic.

Commander's Palace tips for vegans: When offered garlic toast ask for a plain loaf of French bread and some olive oil - they will gladly accommodate. (Joey asked for us - thanks Joey!) If you really want a fantastic experience it might help to call ahead and tell them about your diet - you might get a more interesting culinary experience. I emailed them before we went and they said they have a vegan special everyday (not on the menu!) and if we didn't like whatever it was they could make something else.

On to the potluck. After trying to sober up we headed to the yoga potluck bringing with us sesame sweet potato salad and strawberry ice cream. Everyone loved the strawberry ice cream and there were other actual vegans there so we could eat all but one dish. Love Love.

I wish I had time for more blogging right now but we put the house on the market tomorrow and still have a ton of work to do!

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