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Monday, July 2, 2007

Waldorf-Salad Spring Rolls?

I just posted links to a few blogs I read almost daily: not martha and design*sponge. Both are great housy-designy eye candy blogs that are smart and well written. And they are refreshingly not about food. And after all I am still an architect and need my design fix.

But about that food... I am going to a bbq this fourth of july for our friend Emily's birthday party and patriotic celebration. Her and her room-mates Patrick (also friend) and Cooper (new friend) put on the best parties. So I was honored when Emily called last night and asked if I would bring something. I am leaning towards a waldorf salad that I test drove yesterday... very delicious. Something about the simple combination of walnuts, apples, dried cranberries and an allspice/lemon dressing over crisp greens is intoxicating.

But salad is definitely not the best party food... I wonder if a Waldorf salad spring roll (not fried) would rub me the right way... or if I am a glutton for punishment and that is the most time consuming frustrating idea ever....

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