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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Neighborhood Figs

I picked these figs a few days ago. They are beautiful and really yummy. I saw my neighbor picking them and had not even noticed they were ripe. He says they make ice cream every year from them. I almost baked some into a tart with balsamic the other night but drank too much wine and just ended up eating them raw.... I think they are almost all done so if I want to bake with them I need to do it within the next two days or so because the ground is already littered with mushy smashed fig. (Click on the pictures for better quality - I at least think they are beautiful images and blogspot won't do them justice.)

I think these people copied my lentil picture on tastespotting (My picture:Post 1867. Their picture:Post 2654). Or maybe lentils are just beautiful.... I have been having problems remembering my password for tastespotting so only about half my pictures ever get posted.

Top Chef News: Has anyone been watching? The first challenge disgusted me so much I haven't watched again. I used to love that show too... I think the contestants are getting lamer as the seasons go on. I really liked everyone on the first season, the second season had some decent people and now the third season most contestants seem like they just have bad hygiene.


Jean said...

Hi! Noticed your comment about forgetting your password for TasteSpotting, feel free to use this link to reset your password:

If you have any other problems, feel free to drop me an email!

~ jean

(and yes, that lentil shot certainly has similarities to yours ~ i never knew lentils could look so gorgeous!)

Katie said...

do i like figs?