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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shoe It

I am searching for a pair of shoes to replace my much beloved faux-spat shoes that have holes eaten through the soles where my bike pedals have worn them too much. I came upon something hopefully blog-worthy when I googled vegan shoes: Natalie Portman released her own line of vegan shoes last February. They are made in limited editions of 100 and are on sale at this website. I of course don't really need a new pair (or any pair) of four inch strappy heels or silver wedge peep toes.... but it is really neat to see a line of higher end shoes eschewing the notion that fancy means leather. I'm thinking about a new pair of sensible slip-ons (I heard slip-ons are indispensible when visiting multiple Buddhist temples) like these. You know what - I'm going to just pick up a pair of these vegan pumps designed by Stella McCartney....

Just for reference my favorite places for vegan shoe shopping are as follows:

Novacas (read no cows en espanol) available at MooShoes
Alternative Outfitters
Simple (Not all vegan... unfortunately because those boots on the upper left kick ass.)
Zappos Vegetarian (I love the little "Thank You" cow logo... but how many leather pairs of shoes does Zappos sell per year? Probably a lot. Ick.)

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