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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fat Mouse

If you can even see this picture it is the cutest picture of a little fat mouse ever.

We ordered pizza last night from Marcello's and it was the best ever. If you are vegan get the vegetarian gourmet thin crust (sans Romano cheese). It has gobs of spinach and tons of mushrooms and tomatoes. And if you have a free coupon for a small pizza with an order of 20$ or more order an artichoke pizza without cheese. These last two go really well together. Do not order a deep dish pizza with the regular sauce as the deep dish sauce contains cheese. Do order a deep dish pizza with regular sauce and lots of veggies and it will be like eating a two inch thick wedge of cooked veggies in a deep dish pizza crust with tomato sauce on top. The only stinky thing about them is they won't substitute the cheese for a different ingredient of your choice - drats.

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katie said...

thanks for reminding me that i need to call the city about the horrible rat infestation all over logan square, west of kimball that is. i i saw 4 rats in a two day period lately. maybe they were mice. idk. either way, i think about them crawling into my room and just want to die.