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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Zombie Potluck

Unfortunately the title sounds more appealing than what is actually going to happen. It seems like in Chicago there is just a plethora of things to do that I never find out about until the ninth hour. Of course in New Orleans there was also alot to do but it was limited pretty much to the drinking and eating catagory.

Vicariously - now and when I was in New Orleans - I live through whatever is broadcast on NPR sitting at my desk at work. Tonight there is a book reading at Quimby's - one of my most favorite places to just be when I have the time - by an author interviewed today on Eight-Forty-Eight - my favorite daily radio program.

So what the problem is I am stuck not going to the book reading to try and host a potluck (keep your fingers crossed for me on this one). Is it that I am still very much in the grip of the event limitations of my previous existence or is it just bad luck?

But if you want to listen to the interview with Elizabeth Crane on her book You Must Be This Happy to Enter it is here. Not food related but zombies are mentioned so you know - it could be relevant.

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