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Friday, February 29, 2008

Triple Vegan Success

Thursday was a triple vegan success day. (I am reading an Amy Tan novel at the moment - everything is triple lucky success in my mind.) Amos had to stop by the social security office before heading off to work so I had time to make a tofu scramble for breakfast eaten over my home-made bread. Plus orange juice plus latte. Perfect.

I then proceeded to be full until lunch time when I met my friend at Victory's Banner - a place I had heard was only so-so for vegans but worked well for lunch time. Oh how I miss living in a land where everything can be prepared "blackened." And here is a shout out to sweet friends - she picked out the restaurant just for me! I think the waiter summed it up when he said "what a beautiful friend" after she traded me her tea for my chai before he could come and pick it up. (If you don't have time to click on the link the whole staff studies meditation and the restaurant is described as standing as a spiritual expression. How fantastic is that?)

Then for dinner, this is going to sound anti-climatic now, I made this pot-pie in our cast iron skillet. It was sort of an odd combination of veggies for the filling - chard, turnip, peas, onion, garlic and white kidney beans. Plus tempeh and a sprig of fresh rosemary. But the crust (recipe from Veganomicon) had the slightest bit of cornmeal in it that gave the most wonderful texture.

I want to make this monkey bread (triple lucky success) to bring to my cousin's new house this weekend. Or maybe it won't make it in the car ride there and we should just eat it ourselves? Hmmmm..... Or I should just go with the cardamom bread I know she will love. What to do with my day?

Also of note:

This girl has some excellent looking tarts on her raw/vegan blog, the gluten-free hippie. I love raw desserts! Especially the carob mint snowballs over at Karen's Cooked.

I listened to a radio story yesterday that equated blogging with an overwhelming sense of self importance. Guilty as charged?