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Saturday, February 2, 2008


I almost ate this bagel too quickly to get a quick picture in of my new favorite weekend (and hopefully weekday when it is warmer) breakfast spot. Atomix is located not very conveniently for us but for a bagel with pesto, the best vegan veggie cream cheese I have ever had, tomato and onion I will go out of my way a bit. And the Americano - perfect. We haven't even tried any of the vegan muffins or cookies that dominate the baked goods case. (No kidding - if you want eggs in your cookie good luck.) The breakfast crowd comes late here - meaning at ten on a Sunday you can sit down then walk down the street to browse around the record store when it does get crowded.

Maybe a better photo next time but I just had to share : ) Also thanks to Sasha again for the recommendation.

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