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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chicago Time!

Finally I can say we made it to Chicago. For the last week we stayed with my sister in Logan Square where one can buy all the produce you need to make a fresh spaghetti dinner for four, bread and a bunch of bananas for the next morning for less than $7. Need tomatillos? Only three minutes away and one pound will set you back a whopping 49 cents. Already we have favorite restaurants in the neighborhood and thats a good thing because we found a fantastic apartment two blocks down the street from my sister's place.

If you are thinking maybe we spent the week eating our way through Chicago you would be correct. We did go to El Cid three times but who's counting? Hit up Lula Cafe for brunch one day (excellent coffee, terrible bagels) and tried out Dunlay's on the Square another. And I was seriously making headway on becoming a regular at Cafe con Leche. Then before heading back to my hometown of Morris we rounded off the week with a few glasses of wine with Melissa and Iris.

The roads are smooth but I haven't found food to compare with New Orleans...

More stories and pictures to come soon. I have some beautiful shots of the apple orchard in the Alleghenies I want to share.

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