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Saturday, September 8, 2007

St. Augustine - Savannah - Charleston

Boiled Peanuts. Cell Phone Picture.

So we finally did it. We are out. Our things have been packed and shipped and we have packed and shipped ourselves out. We went to Lola's with Joey for our last culinary hurrah and scuffled out of town. (By the way their spinach linguine with pesto and artichokes is vegan. And awesome. Screw the paella!) Leaving a place you have lived for seven years is just strange. Is it sad? A bit. It's really hard to be sad when a few days before you leave someone finds a dead body in a porta-potty uptown.

But we hit the road. Drove along the gulf coast to St. Augustine. Went to the worst winery I have ever been to in my life. I don't remember the name but their regular white wine was sweeter than the ice wine we brought to Lola's for desert. Is that what happens when you grow grapes in an extremely hot and humid climate? Alcoholic Sprite.

Of course the first day in St. Augustine I had to hit up Diane's New Dawn for an avocado and tofu salad sandwich. Rode bikes to the beach. Got a sunburn. Went to the most non-vegan museum in the world with a stuffed lion and shrunken head.

We left this morning for Savannah. Somewhere just over the Florida state line we picked up some boiled peanuts at a gas station. I thought I had had a boiled peanut before but these were the most intriguing item I have eaten in a long time. I didn't expect the peanuts themselves to be soft. They were like red beans in shells. When we got to Savannah we found right away a fantastic Thai/Vietnamese restaurant with a menu that was about 12 pages long and stated at the bottom that they could make any dish vegan. Unfortunately I was dead tired so I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have.

We left Savannah far to soon to come to Charleston to see our friend Anna. And here we will be for two nights...

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