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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chicago... Almost.

It might be another time before we can fully catch up. I missed reporting in on Charleston, Richmond, Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, Ohio and my home town in Illinos. I also missed home-cooking, fancy dining, disappointments and triumphs. Orchards, berry farms and road-side stands. Old friends, family and new friends. Campfire oatmeal and tea that tastes like fire. The worst winery in the entire world. A slaughterhouse town in Florida populated by zombie truckers.

I have a stack of restaurant menus and brochures from other assorted tourist attractions from our little trip. I haven't had a normal life for so long I might not be able to remember what day it is anymore but by god I am going to remember what it was I ate. Some people say that America sort of sucks. It's big. It's empty for the most part. There are a LOT of rednecks. It takes forever to get anywhere. But I believe you can find great things anywhere if you look hard enough. It might be the simplest thing like the taste of wild honeysuckle in a field. It might be the anticipation of moving on to the next town. And as much as I would love to pass on every simple pleasure and unexpected find I probably have forgotten much of it. I wish I could sit around the table with my family and share the experiences like the snapshots they are.

As for New Orleans withdrawal I haven't had it ... yet. I cried for about three minutes the morning our house would no longer be ours. It was built nearly a century before I was born and I pray it will still be standing when I die. But I miss my friends.


Amos and I should also have a zombie blog - we are obsessed. One favorite game goes as such - if you were in the bedroom and there was a zombie invasion what ordinary household object would you use to fight them off? My pick - bedside table. His pick - crowbar. Don't ask why the crowbar is in the bedroom. Maybe because of the oncoming zombie invasion? In which case are there crowbars in every room like New Orleanians have axes in their attics?

Newest amusing blog find: The Delicious Life. A good read.

Things I lost on part-one of the trip (Part-two: Are we going to Canada? Are we going to Guatemala? Are we going to Europe for six months? Who knows!): Pair shoes. Two pairs awesome sunglasses. Half-read Moby-Dick. (Fuck!!! I was loving that book.) Toothbrush.

I am tri-doshic. Very rare. See I am special. This webquiz told me so.

Should I pour glasses of milk for people or act like an asshole because after years of milk-free bliss I finally forgot how much I hate it? Is pouring milk NOT VEGAN?

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