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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Moving Time.

I have to apologize the past few posts were a bit rough. I'm only posting now because it is pouring rain and we have run out of boxes. I guess the only thing I have had time to post is sort of a militant "screw you" to the rest of the world. Maybe it's because sometimes I get sick of cheering other foodies on for things that sound fantastic but could easily be vegan. Or it's packing our house and the move. Or it's because Amos downloaded the movie Earthlings and I watched only the first fifteen minutes of it and had a complete breakdown. (Click here to watch it. But it is terribly disturbing.)

So needless to say I was a bit perturbed when I missed the last part of my going away party because I was so tired from being kept up all night by the meat industry images captured in Earthlings. (Specifically the breeding sows with untreated infections all over their bodies. More specifically the piglets that had been kicked into the waste pits and left to suffocate. The slaughterhouse images don't bother me. Obviously when you slit a cow's throat blood will shoot everywhere. It's a cow. They must have lots of blood.) But back to the point. That's why I stopped eating all animal products because I couldn't handle thinking about it anymore. I continue to not want to think about it anymore. I want all that to be over. So just stop. If you tell me the shirts I buy at Target are made by children and it bothers you I will not shop there. It won't kill me. Not eating animals won't kill you.

And the sooner you stop the sooner I will stop writing these sad socio-political-moral posts that are probably really boring. I'm so bored now I am about ready to puke. Just like after I watched the movie the other night. But not bored. Disgusted.

The silver lining to this story? (See - I am trying to be pleasant...) I can bring the strawberry-almond ice cream I made for our party to our friend's cookout this evening. That means not dragging the kitchenaid out of the SmartBox to make a lame attempt at a baked good which I probably don't have the ingredients for anyway.

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