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Friday, October 24, 2008

Want: Wallpaper

Sketch of bedroom and wallpaper "box" behind bed.

I don't remember if I mentioned this but we bought a house. It is in Logan Square about two blocks west of Palmer Park. Right now the ground floor is being gutted and the second floor is rented. So admidst fights about just exactly where the sink is going to go there have been glimpses of the final product. Like this one below.

I was turned onto Flavor Paper by my co-werker when we were discussing papers for a tapas bar project. Turns out this hand printed wallpaper company was Axis Construction's neighbor (Axis is a woodworking shop down in the bywater that I worked for during a short time my third year of architecture school in New Orleans). I don't know how I missed them but I am glad I know about them now. I love this sort of stuff.

My favorites are Elysian Fields and City Park; both channel the spirit of New Orleans so well... I was thinking of using it in a tight spot behind our bed to construct sort of a wallpaper-headboard-shelf of sorts that acts as art and a nightstand since there won't be room on either side of the bed for nightstands.

Also I am not sure if you can read the text or not but the door opens onto the West-facing back porch so hopefully we rustle up a salvaged door with window, stick some frosted glass in there and add a polycarbonate "transom" above to allow for more light into the bedroom. My co-werker also helped me with the polycarbonate transom idea - there will also hopefully be one above the kitchen cabinets into the bedroom as well.

Resources are Flavor Paper, Peterson Plastics and also recycled gypsum board from Greenmaker.

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