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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eggs... no thanks.

This is exactly why I don't eat eggs. (Don't worry, just a ABC 7 news piece, not a link to Earthlings or anything...) I am glad to finally see some recognition of farm animal abuse in the media. And thank you to Mercy for Animals for bringing STANDARD INDUSTRY PRACTICE for the treatment of laying hens to the media's attention. And for getting that treatment on videotape. Gemperle (the factory farm owner) says of the practices shown on the video made by Mercy for Animals "What I saw on that video is not what our company does" and that the practices are "in violation of our high standards for animal welfare." Well obviously those practices are what the company does and there is no standard for animal welfare based on the company's common practices. But he did say one thing I can only hope for: "They won't stop until they destroy animal agriculture." Because this is how ALL eggs are produced that you buy at the grocery store and your local diner. (Unless you shop and eat at a very special very expensive grocery store or diner.)

And if you haven't gotten bored yet and have read this far eggs contain no dietary fiber, 6 grams of fat and 212 milligrams of cholesterol. Tofu is way better since it won't give you salmonella, high cholesterol and comes in a low fat version. It also has more protein by weight and per calorie than eggs. Plus tofu doesn't need to be prevented from becoming cannibalistic when kept in close quarters with other tofu. It's really easy to ditch eggs completely so maybe I should do a post about replacing eggs in one's diet?

P.S. My tofu vs. eggs nutritional value source is here. Since I can't run to the kitchen and look at an egg carton or anything ; )
P.S.S. I also didn't know the battery hens lived in the cages for 2 YEARS. 2 YEARS! But at least they are gassed instantly the second their egg production diminishes... oh wait.
P.S.S.S. The rant continues... people were shocked?! to see where the eggs came from?!!!! Where the hell did they think they came from?!!!!

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