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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So it's been awhile.

What was left of the one little watermelon our garden made...

Sorry I haven't posted in forever. Not like anyone probably still reads this thing but still I'm sorry. Seriously the stat counter has been at 1400 since I posted that picture of blueberries on tastespotting. We have been traveling and selling our house and back to work. But we sold the house and are now trying to figure out what the heck is going on. All I know is we haven't been eating very well - there are 4 carrots in the fridge and I don't want to buy anything because it will just end up in the trash or someone else's cabinet.

Have there been any food highlights these past few weeks? No, not really. Our trip to Illinois turned out to be not very vegan as I was fooled by some fake meatballs my sister bought. Friggin Parmesan Cheese. I ate the dumb things then Amos asked how I got the cheese out. Then on to Florida where we were encouraged to eat chicken marsala by Amos' grandma. "It's only a little!" Poor thing - she also bought all these frozen dove bars I think for us to eat and just didn't know about the no-milk thing. She's so sweet but there was no way I was trying to explain to her over the phone what veganism is. She got her phone at the store for deaf people (I'm not kidding) and routinely hangs up on you mid-sentence. We were there for her 90th birthday however so you have to give her some slack.

But lets not dwell on the negative. I forgot we went to the Chicago Diner for some vegan cake after a great dinner in Chinatown with my Mom, Ralph and Sasha. The next day my mom kept explaining to people on the phone at work "It was vegan cake. And it tasted just like real cake!" That is because she got the chocolate chip cheesecake and it was really fantastic. We had a few good meals in St. Augustine too - notably the pea and sweet potato curry Diana convinced us to mix with peanut butter. Crackaliscious. And Sasha made us some granola we never got to eat because we didn't plan our trip very well and never got to stay with her in the city. Put it in the freezer. We will see you soon!

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sasha said...

Don't worry about the granola -- the first batch didn't turn out so well anyway. Now I'm working on perfecting the add-ins and technique! Dried wild blueberries are amazing, but only about half of the granola clumps so far. I think next time I'll try mixing the dry + wet together in two batches, so it all gets distributed more evenly.
Anyway, I can't wait until you get here, hopefully we can have a day or two in the same city before I move!

ps, I've been checking your blog...