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Friday, May 25, 2007

Vegan Weddings

I really wish I had found this resource by the magazine Veg News before our wedding. It is a profile of 8 couples who had vegan weddings. Vietnamese Snow Rolls, Wild Mushroom Risotto Cakes, Portobello Lasagna, Olive Wreath Antipasto?!

Ok - so our wedding was very mushroom/rice centric as well - but many of the couples had dishes with tempeh or seiten and a wider variety of ethnic foods that our caterer just couldn't/wouldn't prepare. Paella? NO. Falafel? NO. Also when I asked our caterer if they could do without the cream or butter when we did decide on a final dish they just didn't know how. I personally didn't really like the main entree but everyone I asked said they loved it - but I think they are just being polite. Is vegan food for a crowd really that difficult?

I just remember looking over at my grandpa and seeing him choking down a giant hen of the woods mushroom with a look of utter horror on his face. And the ultimate slap in the face? They re-used the leftover rice pilaf the next morning at brunch and still charged us $17.95.

I must admit that they did willingly depart from their standard menu of filet mignon with a side of chicken and a fish option for those vegetarians out there. I just wish they had done it a little better.

So vegan brides - stick to your guns and demand vegan food. Good vegan food. Because you don't want to pay 13,000$ for a party where you are roped into serving your friends and family second rate food just because they can't learn to cook without using animal products. Rant over - look forward to new recipes soon!

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