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Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's Been Awhile...

The name of this blog "what we ate last night" implies that we would post about what we ate last night. Not what we have eaten over the past seven nights. Otherwise I would have suggested we call the blog "what we have eaten over the past week or perhaps during the previous fortnight."

Now, where to begin. I mentioned our trip to Chicago but failed miserably to mention the one night we cooked! We had sandwiches. But grilled veggie sandwiches. The veggies came from a Puerto Rican grocery miraculously close to Sasha and Vanessa's apartment. Amos and I thought this store was some sort of god-sent food oasis (we live in a food desert of sorts - it's a real term check it out) but Sasha and Vanessa brushed it off since they have had many a bad experience there with bruised and leaky produce. I have no recipe to share with you except listing ingredients of grilled vegetables: banana peppers, tomatillos, zucchini, red pepper, onion and maybe more. Topped with avocado and sliced tomato on this bread that was fantastic -but from a special store so it cost 5$ - this sandwich was by far one of the best roasted vegetable sandwiches I have ever eaten. A side of cebollitos finished it off. Then we sat around and picked at the remaining veggies chatting it up like old ladies who hate t.v.

On to the topic of vegan cake. We have been fortunate enough to have two vegan cake experiences within the past week or so. In Chicago (last mention of Chicago I swear) we went to the Chicago Diner (oops) after our roasted vegetable extravaganza. I hold firm that any cake that is vegan that I didn't have to make is good. I have never had bad vegan cake. We have to represent when it comes to cake because when you aren't vegan you just plop down your Betty Crocker and mix in some disgustingness, pop it in the oven and bang. Pus and chicken v-j-j surprise.

Personally I like clean cake so I made a carrot cake with lemon coconut custard filling and cream cheese frosting for our friend Jordan's graduation party. Fantastic! Lucky for us we served it after dark so no one actually saw the cake and we had a piece for ourselves to eat today. Check out the original carrot cake recipe here at PakuPaku and make sure to graduate from Kittekake Kindergarten before attempting. I followed the recipe exactly and it came out delicious. Oops I lied, I used my food processor to puree all wet ingredients.

In matters concerning potlucks we had a potluck last Wednesday. I called everyone and canceled about two hours before the show was supposed to go down but Jordan calmed me down and talked some sense into me. Game on. We served bbq on home made sesame and flax buns with cucumber salad and sweet potato hash browns. Jordan and Albert made banana/vanilla wafer puddin' that was 2% or less not vegan (damn sodium cassienate) and as I can not stress enough vegans are not perfect and I did eat the puddin' and it was good.

Pertaining to our garden I harvested the first eggplant, zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Pictures below. It seems a tomato ripening bell curve is beginning.... maybe because it is already hotter here in New Orleans than Chicago's hottest day ever and the tomatoes think the vegetable Armageddon is coming.

Amos is making carob cashew ice cream so I'm out of here!

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