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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sourdough Magic

Ok, so I made a sourdough starter by simply adding a cup of water to a cup of flour and let it sit out for a week covered with cheesecloth. After an unimpressive attempt at ginger beer I wasn't really expecting my sourdough to really work. I thought maybe we just don't have yeast in the air. Well, it worked and I have been exploring the world of sourdough.

After a few just ok loaves a sourdough bread I happened upon some sourdough crackers at a friend's house and could not believe how good they were. On the next store trip I picked up a box and it was gone the same day.

After a quick search I found this cracker recipe and adapted it using earth balance.

I did the first batch on a pizza stone and the second and third on cookie sheets. The final one I did on the pizza stone again after it had cooled a bit. The ones on the stone were a bit crispier and cooked much more evenly.

It has been years since I have had Cheese-It, but I immediately thought these taste just like them. Amazing good.

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