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Friday, November 7, 2008

Fur Fashion Contest

Does it seem a bit odd that the Humane Society is running a contest called "Cool vs. Cruel" to highlight how great garments can look without fur but as far as I can tell did not exclude silk, wool or feathers? The pictures are small and the official rules are not posted so maybe numbers 2, 7 and 14 are fake feathers? Number 14 is way way way to fluffy to be fake. At least nothing appeared to have leather on it.

As for my official vegan position on silk - would you ever throw a handful of caterpillars into a pot of boiling water alive? No because this would be too sad. I suppose when they are in their cocoon state maybe they are all hibernating and everything but we just can't go around killing living beings thinking it is o.k. if they are sleeping for Christ's sake.

Besides being shocked of course at the HSUS's total lack of regard for other types of animals other than cute fuzzy things I did learn one useful thing: the United States is the largest world-wide exporter of wild animal fur in the world. Who knew?!

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